ISRO Identified 4 Indian Air Force Men for Gaganyaan Manned Mission

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isro-identified-4-ias-men-for-gaganyaan Four chosen IAF airmen will undergo astronauts' training in Russia. (Photo:

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India’s space agency, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had identified four astronauts for Gaganyaan manned mission from Indian Air Force.

Info Capsules

  • ISRO Chief K. Sivan said that IAF airmen’s training will begin from third week of January, 2020.
  • These four chosen IAF airmen will undergo astronauts' training in Russia.
  • Gaganyan is planned to be launched in 2022 as announced by the Prime Minister of India earlier.
  • According to the ISRO, an unmanned mission will be launched this year to test human rating of propulsion model and micro gravity simulations.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission

  • The Govt. of India has approved Chandrayaan-3 mission and the project is ongoing.
  • Chandrayaan-3's configuration will be similar to that of its predecessor, the Chandrayaan-2.
  • This means that the Chandrayaan-3 will also have a Lander and a Rover with a propulsion module.
  • The Lander and Rover will be soft landing in the south pole of lunar surface. It will carry out experiments that were planned during Chandrayan-2.

ISRO’s Achievements in Year 2019

  • After a successful 2019, where ISRO had 13 missions including 6 launch vehicle missions and 7 satellite missions.
  • 50 foreign satellites from 7 countries were launched on a commercial basis as well. This year, 2020 promises to be a good year for the Space research organisation.

ISRO's Major plans for Year 2020

1. Chandrayaan 3 including Lander and Rover

2. Work on Gaganyaan fast

- Selection of 4 astronauts

- Training starts in the third week of January

- First unmanned test-flight of Gaganyaan carrying humanoid

3. First flight of SSLV

- Small Satellite Launch Vehicle has payload capacity of 500 kg

- Will operate in Low Earth orbit 500 km

- Capability to support multiple orbital drop-offs

- Will have dedicated launch pad in Sriharikota

- Launch pad called Small Satellite Launch Complex

4. Many new satellites will be launched

- 10 satellite missions at least

- Gisat1 and Gisat-12R for advanced communication

- Earth observation satellites Risat-2BR2, Microsat for surveillance

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