POSHAN Atlas To Map Local Crops and Food Grains

First published on: 2019-10-29 Written by Competition Mirror Team National

poshan-atlas-to-map-crops The POSHAN atlas will map the crops and food grains grown in different regions of the country.

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In a bid to tackle malnutrition, government is developing an Atlas to map the crops and food grains grown in different regions of the country so that nutritious protein rich food in local areas can be promoted.

The ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) in association with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Deendayal Research Institute is developing a POSHAN atlas under POSHAN abhiyan, government's multi-ministerial convergence mission with the vision to ensure attainment of malnutrition free India by 2022.

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  • The POSHAN atlas will map the crops and food grains grown in different regions of the country because the solution to tackling malnutrition lies in promoting regional cropping patterns and embracing local food that are rich in protein," said Smriti Irani, Union Minister of WCD. She was speaking at the 5th National Council on India’s Nutrition Challenges.
  • Moreover, a humane solution has to be developed to tackle the menace of malnutrition in India and for this the economic benefits of investing in nutrition has to be highlighted and propagated. POSHAN is an exercise for life for all citizens and should not be limited to women and children.
  • According to the World Bank Global Nutrition Report – 2018, malnutrition costs India at least $10 billion annually in terms of lost productivity, illness and death and is seriously retarding improvements in human development and further reduction of childhood mortality.

POSHAN Abhiyan

  • POSHAN abhiyan is focusing on ensuring the nutrition of children, women, and pregnant mothers in impoverished areas and the government seems to be looking at community management of the problem.
  • Community Management of Acute Malnutrition is a proven approach to manage severe acute malnutrition and moderate acute malnutrition in children under five that involves timely detection of acutely malnourished children in the community and provision of treatment for those without medical complications with nutrient-dense foods at home," said Sujeet Ranjan, Executive Director of The Coalition for Food and Nutrition (Coalition).
  • The National Council on India’s Nutrition Challenges is mandated to provide policy directions to address India’s nutritional challenges through a coordinated inter sectoral action; coordinate and review convergence between Ministries; and review programmes for nutrition on a quarterly basis.

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